Looking for a way to make your payment collections better?

Well, what are you waiting for? Read our new article on the Payment Gateways blog to find out how to start saving money on payment collections.

In today’s ever expanding world of payment collections the debit order reigns supreme as the ultimate low cost solution to efficient bulk payment collection. If you have thought about starting to utilize debit order payments for your collections then read this article to get an overview of this payment collection system. Read more here …

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Save time and money; invoice online

Are you looking for a better, easier way to invoice because you are tired of manually generating invoice in Excel or Word? Maybe now is the time to look for an online system that is going to help you issue quotes and invoices the modern way.

We all know that making invoices and quotations manually can be very time consuming and also technically challenging. Do any of the following manual invoicing related problems sound familiar?

  • Manual invoicing wastes time: It can honestly take hours to invoice your entire client database every month, especially if you run a business that requires clients to be billed on a recurring or subscription basis.
  • Errors can be made: Manual invoicing leaves your invoices open to human error. Skipping an invoicing number or duplication an invoice can be detrimental to your businesses accounting.
  • Entering the same details over and over again: Making invoices yourself in Excel or Word usually means that the lime items or item descriptions you use are not easily accessible and have to be retyped or copy/pasted on a repetitive basis, wasting precious man hours.
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Better ways to sell your products and services online

Selling products and services online is something that most small businesses would like to do. If done correctly, this can make your customers purchasing experience a hassle free one. It can also earn you a lot of extra income for very little extra work.

Read the tips below to see how you can easily sell your products and services online:

Have an online presence without an expensive website

Having an expensive website with online shop capabilities is great if you’re a large business. But small businesses who want to start selling online often don’t have the capital to spend on developing a pricey new website.

This is where services that offer ready hosted online shopping capabilities come in. there are many online services out there that allow you to sell your services without it costing you an arm and a leg. Shop around for software or systems that offer ready hosted signup and don’t require you to have your own website.

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Tips to finding the right payment gateway for your SMME

So, you are a small business owner or freelancer looking to expand your business and make some more money. You come up with the idea of supplementing your income by selling your products or services online. So you setup your website and added your services and products and now you are looking for a way for your clients to pay you.

Your clients can pay for your online orders several payment gateways. Traditionally most businesses offer wire transfer, cheque, cash and direct bank deposit, but there are a host of other payment methods out there that can help you get paid. Let’s take a look at the criteria you should use when selecting a payment gateway for your business:

Geographic location of your customers

Location, location, location. Whether you use a geographically general or specific payment gateway is up to where your clientele resides. If most of your customers are from your one country you can use a local payment gateway. If most of your business is done with international l clients you need to get a gateway that supports this.

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Solutions for small business success

What sets you apart from the herd and gives your business that special something? What is going to make your business the shining example instead of the cautionary tale? Every small business owner and freelancer wants to know! But we all know that putting your finger on that quality and identifying it is never easy, and once identified even more difficult to foster and put into practice. Don’t be fooled, a lot stands in the way of you and your businesses success.

One of these obstacles can be inefficient and ineffective management of your businesses billing and payment collections. Controlling how you invoice, collect payment and manage client accounts is a vitally important part of any business, but a shockingly often neglected one too. All too often I have come across businesses that neglect or entirely overlook the importance of effective billing policy and management.

Making your business more successful though effective billing policy:

Don’t spend too much

Keeping the cost of operation low is a key concern for anyone wishing to make their small business successful. This is extremely important when it comes to controlling the cost of your invoicing and collection of funds.

The chief way to keep costs to a minimum is to implement tools that facilitate systems automation. There are thousands of creative online and software solution out there that for a minimal cost streamline billing and allow you to keep a smaller staff on the payroll to handle your businesses billing.

It is important to remember that you have choice. Always shop around for payment gateways with the lowest fees. To keep your options open look for a payment facilitator to act as middle man between your business and the payment gateway. Some payment gateways do not allow you to easily export client data and for businesses using more than one gateway centralized management is crucial. A payment facilitator will store client billing data securely on your and the gateways behalf and allow easy switching between gateways.  

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BillingBlog recommends launching soon!

Check out the BillingBlog recommends section for outstanding tried and tested billing systems, invoicing software, payment gateways and merchant accounts.

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More billing systems and new content

In the spirit of making the Billing Blog Network the best and most comprehensive business billing resource out there I have been updating and adding as much relevant information as I can to each of my new blogs.  Regular readers will recognize the original Billingsystem.co.za blog. I have left the blog as is and aim to update and add as much information to it as possible. It is with that in mind that I set about updating the list of billing systems page – an oldie, but a goodie!

This page contains a list of over 100(!!) billing systems, online invoicing systems and invoicing software. The page was created last year March, so with the launch of the expanded Billing Blog Network I decided to breath some new life into this page and update the old links and add new ones. I must comment that I was pleasantly surprised by the developments I noted in this industry.

  • A move to more secure data storage and secure transactions
  • Existing systems expanding payment gateway integration and payment reconciliation
  • Great new user-friendly layouts and clean, warm and inviting system designs
  • Affordable entry level packages
  • Free software updates for leading invoicing software

I also discovered a host of new systems. You can view these in the New Billing Systems article on the Billing Systems blog.

I will systematically be adding and updating comprehensive lists with links for my other blogs too. You can look forward to the following pages to be published within the next few weeks:

Links and updates will be posted once these great resources become available!

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Billing Blog launching soon!

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